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Sled Dog Racing Association
We are a Non-Profit,
Volunteer Organization.
Donations will be gratefully appreciated and new members are always welcome.
Est. 1983

Akela's Den
Sled Dog Supplies
Dog Food
Racing Kennel
(306) 982-2046
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Kevin Lewis in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.
Preeceville SK
Loretta Dykun, winning 6 dog in
Thompson, MB
Photo by Linda Horner
The Pas
Photo by Lars Lindh
10 Dog start in The Pas, day 3
Photo by Lars Lindh

Liam Conner 3 years old racing at Nipawin SK

May 4, 2013

Tom Young, Nipawin 1933
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March 1-2, 2014

Annual General Meeting and Wind up
will be held on May 10, 2014 at the Kikiwak Inn , The Pas, Manitoba.

PA 2014 courtesy of Karen Sigfrid
Raija Easterbrook aka Superwoman coming in to Dawson City after skijoring 100 miles in The Percy deWolf sled dog race!
        Written by a musher!dd text.
Hold on as an Alaskan dogsled racer loses her way in the woods, rescues an injured boy, and leads the team back to safety.
Fans of Gary Paulsen will clamor for this adventure story 'full of white-knuckle action" (PW) for ages 10+
Congratulations to our points winner 2014
4 Dog
Demi McGunigal
Ken Bernard
Loretta Dykun

6 Dog
Loretta Dykun
Ken Bernard
Anika Backes

10 dogs under 20 miles
Eddy Streeper
Rob Turner
John Stewart

10 Dogs over 20 miles
Buddy Streeper
John Stewart
Dave Hochman

Kevin Cook
Don Cousins
Mark Hartum

Gerry Walker

Buddy Streeper

Donovan Poulin
Kristin Murray
Teagan Sinclair
Noah Hartum
Elle Hartum
Demi McGunigal
Sierra Lewis

Raija Easterbrook

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