Sled Dog Racing Assoiation

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Full Name____________________________________________

Family Members______________________________________
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Town / City___________________________________________

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This page was last updated on: January 20, 2017

Jake Robinson
(218) 368-2310

Vice President:
Loretta Dykun
(204) 679-5464

Sessilja Jonasson
(306) 242-2323

Co-Webmasters : 
 Anna Bolvin
Sessilja Jonasson
Membership Dues

Single $ 40____ 

Family $ 50____

Junior $ 10_

Supporter $ 20___

 all rates in Canadian dollars

Send Complete
Applicaton Form To

Sled Dog Racing Association
202 Mize Court,
Warman, SK
S0K 1S4
A receipt, or email confirmation will be sent to you upon request

Yearly Membership runs from Annual Spring Meeting to Annual Spring Meeting

The Ma-Mow-We-Tak SDRA is open to anyone with an interest in the sport of sled dog racing. Our goal is to promote the sport in a positive manner from recreational to professional mushers.  You will have the right to attend, as a voting member, the annual spring meeting. You will be entered in the points championship for any races which you participate in that are eligible. There will be $5.00 from every membership sent on your behalf to Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports to support the growth of our national organization.

You can find a complete list of race rules and other membership information 

To register you can use paypal, or click here to print this page and send it along with a cheque or money order to the address listed on the form.
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