Ma-Mow-We-Tak Points Regulations 
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Skijoring- any open race that is run using a standard skijoring hook up. Points will accumulate for all classes (1, 2 or 3 dog)

4 Dog Sprint Classany open race with a limit of 3 - 4 dogs, less than 50 miles / day.

6 Dog Sprint Class- any open race with a limit of 5 - 6 Dogs, less than 50 miles / day

7 Dog and up Limited Class / under 20 miles per day- any open race with a limit of 7 dogs and over, with a race distance of less than 20 miles.

7 Dog and up Limited Class / 20 - 50 miles per day- any open race with a limit of 7 dogs and over, between 20 and 50 miles.

Unlimited Open Class- any open race with no limit on the number of dogs, and 50 miles or less / day.

Stage Class- any "Stage" format race that is more than 3 days in length.

Distance Class - any open race that is over 50 miles / day or is considered a distance race by the statistician. Please note: Members must indicate that they want their points to count for the distance class prior to the start of the season. All your races will count towards the final points, at the discretion of the statistician.

Junior Class- any race that is listed as a "Junior" event and is limited to mushers under the age of 16 years. The race must consist of 2 dogs and up, and go on an out and back trail. 

- Only your top 5 races will count towards your final points total.

- In order for a race to be in the points it must be voted in at the annual general meeting. Also, if there is an existing points race in a community any additional races run by the same committee will automatically be considered a points race.

- Part of the commitment of being a points race is to supply the race information to the site early enough in the season to allow all members a chance to have the information about the race. No later than 7 days prior to race date.  (Preferably in the form of a race ad) see advertising.

- Another requirement is a commitment to supply the final results, purse breakdown and accurate          distance of the event to allow for points calculation after the race.  This information is to be submitted  as soon as possible after the race is completed.

- The term "open" means that the race is open to both male and female.

- There will be a gold, silver and bronze prize awarded in all categories.