Ma-Mow-We-Tak Race Rules
And Code of Ethics

Ma Mow We Tak Sled Dog Racing Association Recommended Rules 

1. The Race Giving Organization reserves the right to refuse any entry submitted as to dogs or drivers, separately or together. The name of the driver should be submitted at the time of application for entry in order to avoid the risk of a driver not being allowed to start.

2. All Dogs entered each day must be driven or carried for the day's race. Once a dog is dropped, it is out for the duration of the race. No dog can be substituted.

3. Any Type of Sled or Hitch may be used. Association recommends the use of a brush bow.

4. No Whips are allowed.

5. A Driver must not disturb another driver or his/her team in any way. eg. yelling, clapping, banging sleigh, excessive pedalling etc.

6. We Recognize all types of starts.

7. A Driver is in charge of his/her team at all times and shall not receive assistance except at the start, from designated trail help throughout the race course, or in an emergency.

8. A driver who loses his/her team must overtake the loose team by the quickest possible means, including a ride, if available, to ensure the safety of the loose team.  The driver may accept assistance to retrieve a loose team.  Should the driver accept a ride the Race Marshal reserves the right to determine if any penalty is necessary. 

a. Assistance to a team is the accepted responsibility of the driver. It is up to the driver to explain to the Race Committee why he/she received assistance.

9. Passing Rule: Failure to yield to a passing team is grounds for penalization or full disqualification in a race.

10. The Overtaken Team shall make way for the passing team by moving to one side of the trail and by slowing down, if requested, by the overtaking team's driver.

11. The Race Giving Committee will have the power to solve and determine all questions of interpretation of the rules. The judges will determine the winners of the race and award prizes. Drivers and teams duly registered are under the directions of the judges for all matters concerning the race. Any driver or team refusing to submit to the arbitration of the judges will be disqualified. Mamowwetakt SDRA recommends that all races have an official Race Marshall to settle any disagreements.

12. The Assocation recommends the use of a flag with or instead of a shotgun to start the race. The flag is to be minimum size of 3 ft. x 3 ft. and  the flag person is to be a sufficient distance out, and in an area that is visible to all mushers. It is also recommended that a red flag should indicate 10 minutes to start, a yellow flag indicate 5 minutes, and a green flag indicate 1 minute. The 1 minute flag should be held in the air and dropped cleanly and clearly at the end of the minute without being waved.

13. Penalties: if a potential penalty is to be awarded to a musher, the musher should be notified within one hour after the finish of the race.

14. A Five Minute Time Penalty is to be given to any team leaving the starting line before the race is officially started. 

15. Any driver who is found to be substituting or adding dogs during a racing event shall be automatically disqualified.

16. We encourage Race Organizations to cooperatively adopt uniform rules to implement drug testing.

17. Biting Dogs  If you have a dog in the team that bites another team or teams, the musher should take immediate action to control that dog. (i.e. loading on sleigh). A two minute time penalty will be implemented for a minor infraction and disqualification for a repeat or serious first infraction.

18. Pacing: you cannot use, in any way, a motorized vehicle to pace your team. If you are to follow your team, you must remain at least 100 feet behind and cannot interfere with any other team out on the trail.

19. Recommend if a race is marking dogs, to please refrain from using red paint.

20. Pooling: recommend using a dog pool for races of three days or more and over 30 miles.

21. Helmets: recommend helmets for junior classes and if required, be advertised well ahead of time. 
Ma-Mow-We-Tak Sled Dog Racing Association

We, the members of Ma-Mow-We-Tak SDRA, request that you consider adopting some or all of our race rules for your racing event. They have been approved by our membership and are recommended by our members. In no way are we trying to force you to use them and we supply them only as a guideline. We also understand that many races have different scenarios and require specialized rules for each situation. These rules have been put in place for the safety and well-being of the dogs, and the mushers, as well as for the integrity of the sport.

Attached you will find a copy of our Race Rules as well as a copy of the Ma-Mow-We-Tak Code of Ethics.

If you require any further information or assistance in setting up your race please feel free to contact any of the following:

President - Jake Robinson
Vice-President - Loretta Dykun
​Secretary-Treasurer - Sessilja Jonasson

You are also encouraged to visit our website at:

 Ma-Mow-We-Tak SDRA Code of Ethics:

~ Be Respectful. Everyone has a right to be out on the trail, whether you are a rookie musher or a seasoned professional. Senior members should lead by example. 

~ Be a Good Sport. As a Mamowwetak member you should set the example of proper behavior. Don't be an example of inappropriate behavior. There is no room for the "Win at all Cost" attitude.

~ Be Kind and Courteous.  Always try to thank the organizers, trail help, volunteers and sponsors. Without them there is no race.

~ Be Fair. If you expect to be given trail, be prepared to give trail.

~ Be Responsible. You and/or your driver are responsible for the actions of the team at all times. Don't blame the dogs. You trained them.

~ Be Honest and Remorseful. If you or your team shows inappropriate behaviour, be prepared to admit that there was a problem, and take the necessary steps to correct it. 

~ Be Positive. Offer to help with a race or a problem, rather than sit back and complain about it. 

~ Be Helpful. Be willing to offer help, without being asked.

~ Be a Good Role Model. Promote the sport in a positive manner, especially to those not familiar with it. Offer to lend out a dog for kids to try.

~ Be Considerate. When traveling to races always leave an area as clean as you found it. Everyone shares the great outdoors.

~ Be Humble in victory, and courteous in defeat.